Zhou Qingqing, the drafter of the National Standard in pursuit of the extreme

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   "if you want to do it, you have to be in the ultimate state." this is what Zhou Qingqing talked about most in an interview. If it were not for the opportunity of the interview, it would be very difficult to equate him and his Hangzhou Unik Disinfection equipment Co., Ltd. with "the first drafter of the industry national standard" and "invisible champion". It is true that the "ethylene oxide disinfection equipment" industry is too unpopular, and Zhou Qingqing is too low-key, but because of this, every step he takes is extremely calm and down-to-earth.

   On the cover of this issue of Renhe Chamber of Commerce, let's approach Zhou Qingqing, general manager of Hangzhou Younik Disinfection equipment Co., Ltd., who is in pursuit of the ultimate GB drafter.

The difficult road of "pioneering"

    In the early 1990s, with domestic manufacturers began to produce disposable medical products, ethylene oxide sterilizer also started in China. "at that time, our level was very low, and Japan and some European and American countries all started earlier than us, during which there were more than a decade.

 We have always played the role of pursuers. Zhou Qingqing, as the factory director of Hangzhou Dianda Disinfection equipment Factory, was unwilling to see that the domestic ethylene oxide disinfection market equipment had been monopolized by foreign countries, and secretly determined to break this situation.

    Everything was difficult at the beginning, and it was necessary to independently develop and produce an ethylene oxide disinfection equipment. at that time, there was no successful precedent all over the country. Zhou Qingqing and his team began the difficult road of "pioneering" in this field in a blank situation.

Only the essence is unique, and it is allowed to hold Juezhong.

    "only the essence, Yun Jue Zhong" comes from the Shangshu Dayumu, which is said to come from the story of Yao, Shun and Yu's Zen concession, which was originally about the idea of governing the country with meticulous determination and sincere adherence to the righteous way. When Zhou Qingqing saw it, he took it for granted and designated it as a corporate culture. Now, as soon as you enter the factory area, you can see these eight big characters. "this spirit is especially needed in manufacturing," he said.

   "despite the rapid development of many enterprises, they are so blind that they can't stand the test of time in the end, and they soon collapse. When we make equipment, we should focus on it. We should not only take the lead at home, but also be competitive internationally. " In Zhou Qingqing's view, apart from the large-scale international groups, China's manufacturing industry needs even more "singles champions" and "invisible champions" that have reached the international leading level in the subdivision of the field. Such an enterprise may be small in scale and small in number, but the whole world knows that he is the best in this line of work. "to reach the world's leading level in one's own field" is what Zhou Qingqing has always pursued.

   Today, in the field of disinfection equipment, Unik is an unyielding authority, with a domestic market share of more than 50%, and its products are exported to more than 40 countries, including Russia, South Korea, Spain, Singapore, India and so on. It is a veritable "invisible champion" in this field.

The first drafter

    Zhou Qingqing has always believed that in order for an industry to develop to a high end, it is not only necessary to have independent intellectual property rights, but also to master the most advanced basic theories, and in addition, to achieve the "extreme state." In his view, another important manifestation of the "extreme state" is to become the drafter and setter of industry standards. On his business card, the first column is "Chairman of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Disinfection Technology and equipment". This "chairman" has been Zhou Qingqing for ten years. And open the YY0503-2016 "ethylene oxide sterilizer", GB18279.1-2015, GB18279.2-2015, YY/T 0822, 2011, YY/T1267-2015 standard, the position of the first drafter, his name is written impressively.


    For the new year, Zhou Qingqing set himself a "small goal": "that is, a new high in an all-round way, not only more and more high-quality contracts, but also new breakthroughs in technology." Just in January this year, Unik signed a "big contract" of nearly 10 million yuan with a German company. "contracts at the level of 10 million are extremely rare in the industry, and this is already a good result for us," Zhou Qingqing also revealed. Although the Germans put forward high requirements, but after the recognition is also very happy, "buy yours", this is undoubtedly an affirmation of the strength of the company.